Beneheart R3 ( ECG machines )

MindaRay Beneheart R3
  • Reliable Analysis
  • Clear Display
  • Great Portability
  • Unique Recorder. Compatible with both rolling paper and Z-fold paper, you can easily switch between these two styles of paper without dismantling the pressure lever.
Beneheart R12 ( ECG machines )

MindaRay Beneheart R12
  • Paperless process delivers faster patient testing and reduces the use of costly ECG paper
  • Full print preview image helps you decide if an immediate repeat of an ECG recording is needed, giving you a faster workflow than ever before.
  • Preview image for instantaneous on-screen review allows you to send data to the ECG management system without printing.
  • Review on screen helps you to retrieve previous ECG reports at any time.
  • Quality and Performance
  • 8-inch high-resolution colour display
  • Optional touchscreen
  • User friendly workflow buttons
  • Modern designed soft touch hotkeys
  • Standard keyboard layout
  • Patient demographics can be retrieved from the worklist
  • Anatomically designed cable to minimise tangling and lead reversal
  • Optional barcode scanner for rapid input of accurate patient demographics
  • Globally recognized Glasgow 12-lead analysis supports diagnostic confidence
  • Accurate diagnosis in adults and children from birth upwards
  • Age, gender and ethnicity specific criteria to improve accuracy for individual patients; Six Critical Value highlighted warnings aid rapid response for potentially urgent issues; Automated diagnosis using the V4R (C4R) electrode placement is ideal for paediatric patients.
  • Automated re-analysis after modification of patient demographics aids rapid ECG capture with the option to add patient information later.Digital pacemaker detection provides reliable report of atrial, ventricular and A-V sequential pacing mode without selecting pacemaker detection sensitivity.