Beneheart R3

MindaRay Beneheart R3
  • BeneHeart R3 utilizes the University of Glasgow ECG analysis algorithm, one of the world-leading resting ECG interpretations with 40 years of history.
  • The Glasgow algorithm is the first to be based on specific variables, including age, gender, race, medication, and class in order to maximize the accuracy of the ECG interpretation.
  • On the report, a headline may highlight one of several “critical value warnings” to alert medical attendants of findings that need immediate attention.
  • 5-inch color screen offers the highest resolution in industry, enabling clinicians to observe real-time waveforms accurately.
  • The BeneHeart R3 weighs only 1.2kg with battery, easy to carry.
  • ECG recording is automatically unfolded on the writing pad on top of the machine for notes or signature
  • Compatible with both rolling paper and Z-fold paper, you can easily switch between these two styles of paper without dismantling the pressure lever.
Beneheart R12

MindaRay Beneheart R12
  • R12 provides easy-to-use experience to customers as well as professional analysis for various clinical demands.
  • 8-inch LCD screen with 800*400 high resolution
  • Frosted membrane keyboard. Typing and editing can be as easy and comfortable as using a computer
  • Optional touch bars for users with different operating preferences
  • Built-in thermal printer and external USB printer supported
  • On-screen full preview maximizes user’s flexibility without printing a paper report
  • Barcode scanner supported. Shorten the time of information input.
  • Retrieve history record on screen for at most 800 copies
  • Hot keys for common-used functions
  • Re-analyze and generate a new report once the patient information is modified.
  • Device configuration is able to print/export/import
  • Pediatric-friendly. Unique design in V4R(C4R) proves to be ideal for determined young-age group.
  • World top-level algorithm: Glasgow. Use more variables than usual for analysis with higher accuracy. (age, gender, race, etc.)
  • Pacemaker detection. Prevent potential misinterpretation from missing the pacer information.
  • Six Critical Values for typical Arrhythmias allow users to notice issues in time
  • Rechargeable 4500 mAh Li-ion battery enables a longer working time
  • Wired/wireless transfer of patient’s record to ECG management system for sharing/further analysis
  • Multi-format exports available