SK 500 II

SK - SK 500 II
  • The SK 500 II syringe pump is used in conjunction with the syringe to control the dose of liquid infused into the patient’s body.
  • The syringe pump is suitable for adults, children and newborns in clinical departments.
  • This syringe pump is expected to be used in institutes or units with healthcare capabilities. This includes but is not limited to: outpatient departments, emergency departments, wards, ICU, operating rooms, observation rooms, clinics, and nursing hospital.
Benefusion SP3

Benefusion SP3
  • Compact design with light weight and handle
  • Fast start function ensuring effective medication on time
  • Total Volume Collection Function allows nurses to record the infused volume with ease, thus to reduce daily workload
  • Long battery operating time ensuring continuous infusion
  • Meets EN-1789 standard, supporting usage in ambulance
Benefusion VP3

Benefusion VP3
  • Compact design with handle
  • Light weight 1.45kg for easy transport
  • Total Volume Collection Function allows nurses to record infusion data with ease, helping to reduce clinical workloads
  • Up to 4 infusion modes, meeting a wide range of clinical demands
  • Meets EN-1789 standard, supporting use in Ambulance