Wato Series - WATO EX-20 (Anestisia Machine)

Mindaray WATO Series - WATO EX-20
  • Stability, Based on the latest anesthesia architecture from our high-end anesthesia machine, WATO EX-20 presents the valuable stability features. High quality components and state-of-the-art technology improves the machine’s performance. With dynamic gas compensation the machine can deliver precise tidal volumes and the patented three flow sensor design provides more accurate monitoring and increases the flow sensor‘s life span.
  • Completeness, Mindray always focus on high quality and reliable products for clinical use, WATO EX-20 is equipped with complete configurations including O2 \N2O\Air supply, two vaporizer positions, ACGO (Auxiliary Common Gas Outlet) and oxygen sensor. In addition other choices of accessories and functions provide maximum flexibility to different customers.
  • Simplicity, The main principle of WATO EX-20 is to simplify the training and operating process. with 7.4” color TFT screen, compact design breathing circuit , WATO EX-20 provides a concise working circumstance to support clinicians.
Wato Series - WATO EX-30 (Anestisia Machine)

Mindaray WATO Series - WATO EX-30
  • The WATO EX-30 anesthesia machines are suitable for general anesthesia in a wide range of operating theatre patients from children to adults. With stable function, advanced safety design, reliable performance and user-friendly interface, the WATO gives clinical users basic monitoring measurements on a colorful screen with up to 3 waveforms including Paw, TVe, MV, Ppeak, and Pmean, with graphics at same time. Except basic ventilation modes, WATO EX-30 offers advanced ventilation modes applicable from controlled to spontaneous breathing of patients. The powerful data review supports 24-hour trends for alarm events.
  • Breathing circuit with CO2 bypass valve, which supports CO2 canister exchange during surgery
  • Information message displayed on screen to confirm the correct assembly of a CO2 canister
  • Information message displayed for the correct assembly of a breathing circuit to provide safety confirmation
  • Multi-selectable display on a colorful screen
  • Contemporary and ergonomic considerations
  • Electronically-controlled and pneumatically-driven ventilator
  • Allowing conjunction with up to 2 vaporizers
  • Meets versatile applications, especially for low-flow anesthesia
  • Compatible with Mindray patient monitors with a pre-designed mounting kit
Wato Series - WATO EX-35 (Anestisia Machine)

Mindaray WATO Series - WATO EX-35
  • New Touch-screen Control, Featuring a new 10.4'' touch-screen with quick access parameter controls and flat menu design. The new WATO EX-35 UI enables the user to make adjustments to vent mode and monitor settings easier than ever before at this product level. The new touch responsive Smart Alarm system provides real-time detailed information that quickly and clearly alerts the clinician to adverse situations highlighting the need for early interaction and resolution.
  • Enhanced Performance, Employing the latest technologies the new WATO EX-35 supports an extensive range of features and functionality, ensuring all anesthetic procedures are delivered safely, efficiently and effectively. Enhanced features include, but are not limited
  • Integrated Plug-and-play AG Module (auto ID of 5 agent and N2O)
  • Integrated multi-mode ventilator offering controlled and support modes of ventilation
  • The new and unique Mindray Ventilator Drive Gas Auto Switch function which guarantees the patient is ventilated without interruption at all times
  • Better Usability, The new EX-35 is designed with the user in mind. It has been developed to make your life easier. A feature rich, ergonomically designed anaesthesia system that can be positioned with ease and used for prolonged periods without experiencing unnecessary stress or fatigue.
Wato Series - WATO EX-65/55 (Anestisia Machine)

Mindaray WATO Series - WATO EX-65/55
  • Combined with state-of-the-art technology, WATO EX-65/55 provides comprehensive patient safety guarantee, advanced ventilation solution and unprecedented ergonomical design for clinical use.
  • Advanced patient monitor technology
  • Up to 7 ventilation mode including PCV-VG
  • Compact design which suitable for low-flow anesthesia
  • Heated breathing system
  • Modular design
  • Electronic gas flowmeter
  • CO2 canister bypass function
  • 12/10 inches TFT touch screen
  • Precise gas delivery, Integrated with world class ventilator and innovative gas measurement technology, WATO EX-65/55 could provide down to 20ml tidal volume and up to 7 different ventilation modes including Manual, Spont, VCV, PCV, SIMV,PSV and PCV-VG.With such ICU quality ventilation and electronic gas flowmeter technology, WATO EX-65/55 is suitable for all kinds of patient ranging from neonate to adult.
  • Innovative breathing system, By the help of heated module, WATO EX-65/55 significantly reduces the water condensation inside the breathing circuit, especially during low-flow anesthesia, which will extend anesthesia machine service time and reduce maintenance frequency.CO2 canister bypass function is another feature which could assure the patient keeping ventilation while anesthesiologist reloading the fresh sodalime.
  • Ergonomical design, WATO Ex-65/55 features unparallel operation advantage for clinical use. 12/10 inches TFT touch screen improve the operation efficiency. Modular design accommodate advanced monitor module like BIS, AG and EtCO2 from Beneview series patient monitor and makes hardware upgrading very easily after sale. Integrated maintenance guide on the screen provide intuitive guideline for end-users.
Wato Series - WATO EX-65 Pro (Anestisia Machine)

Mindaray WATO Series - WATO EX-65 PRO
  • More Precise, With new integrated innovative functions, the new WATO EX-65 Pro enables you to precisely control the system as well as different types of patient easily. Visualizing the System Self-test procedure and smart alarm management with graphs and charts to simplify complicated operation steps.
  • More Visible, With a 15.1 inch high resolution display, intuitive touch user interface. The WATO EX-65 Pro makes anesthesia process more visible.
  • More Cost Effective, As a multifunctional anesthesia workstation, WATO EX-65 Pro is designed with cost in mind.
  • Lower flow becomes possible with Optimizer, which helps reducing the usage of anesthetic agent. The much longer life span flow sensors makes the maintenance much easier.
Wato Series - WATO EX-65 (Anestisia Machine)

Mindaray WATO Series - WATO EX-65
  • More powerful, The new WATO EX-65/55 takes the recognized feature-rich WATO EX-65/55 to the next level. Equipped with smart ventilator technology and enhanced monitoring capabilities the new WATO EX-65/55 offers a complete range of controlled and support modes of ventilation; including PCV-VG, SIMV-VG and many more to fully meet the ventilation requirements for all your patients. The new anesthetic agent calculation software and intuitive UI supports more efficient fresh gas, agent and parameter setting which may help to reduce wasteful 'over-delivery' and associated costs.
  • More integrated, The new compact WATO EX-65/55 is equipped with outstanding functionality.Plug-and-Play Multi-Gas module providing comprehensive breath-by-breath analysis of FiO2, EtO2, CO2, N2O, auto-identification of 5 anesthetic agents and BIS.The new integrated user adjustable patient suction is ideally located and available whenever you need it. (Optional).
  • More user-friendly, With a 12-inch full color touch-screen, the easy-to-use UI supports informed decision making through clearly displayed graphical and numerical data. The new flat-menu structure reduces the amount of interaction required to make control and parameter changes, streamlining your workflow.
A5 (Anestisia Machine)

Mindaray A5
  • Clear / Explicit / Precise, The A5's user interface and ergonomic design simplifies workflow. The 15” touch screen enables clinicians to easily select ventilation settings, so less time is spent maneuvering and more time is devoted to patient care.
  • The A5 provides a range of advanced ventilation modes enabling effective care across the range of patient acuity types. Integrated spirometry offers additional information and enhances careful decision making. The auxiliary Oxygen/Air flow meters deliver blended gas through the nasal cannula, allowing the clinician to maintain their preferred clinical practice without increased risk of surgical fire.
  • The A5 conforms to the IHE (Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise) Patient Care Domain (PCD) profile. A5 is capable of outputting data in industry standard HL7 protocol. HL7 with the IHE PCD profile is recognized by anesthesia information and electronic medical records (EMR) systems as the demonstrated industry standard for unambiguous interoperability.
  • Volume Control Ventilation (VCV)
  • Pressure Control Ventilation (PCV) with volume guarantee
  • Pressure Support Ventilation (PS)
  • Synchronized Intermittent Mandatory Ventilation in volume and pressure modes (SIMV-VC and SIMV-PC)
  • Automatic compliance compensation and fresh gas compensation maintain accurate tidal volumes
  • The warmed Breathing System virtually eliminates internal condensation
  • The built in caster guard design clears away cables and hoses
  • The economical single container absorber reduces compressible dead space volume and accepts non-proprietary prepackaged and loose fill absorbent
  • Integrated backup control touchpad
  • Deck lighting with adjustable brightness control
  • Two hour battery backup
A7 (Anestisia Machine)

Mindaray A7
  • Precise Control, Enjoy maximum performance at all stages of anesthesia. The digital gas mixer makes fresh gas flow setting easier and more precise.
  • The fresh gas glow Optimizer indicates the recommended fresh gas flow setting against your current setting value and the minimum O2 needed of the patient. It enables a safe low flow and minimize the waste of anesthetic agents and medical gases.
  • Precise Monitoring, With improved single slot CO2 module or double slot anesthetic agent capability the Mindray Plug-and-Play Multi-Gas modules provide comprehensive breath-by-breath analysis of FiO2, EtO2, CO2, N2O, auto-detection of five anesthetic agents, as well as BIS & NMT.
  • AA Measurement: The new anesthetic agent calculation software enables you to monitor the real time agent consumption and keeps cost in mind.Sample Gas return: The monitoring sample gas returns to breathing circuit, it saves the cost for medical gas and anesthetic agent as well as reducing the waste gas.
  • Visible Anesthesia, By the new A7, it is possible to see the future of Anesthetic Agent, for both FiAA and EtAA. A full time trend of AA shows the trend of AA for the past, current and future together with MAC value.