BeneVision N1

BeneVision T1
  • The BeneVision N1 is a compact 3-in-1 solution designed to adapt to the monitoring needs across a hospital. Part of the N-Series premier patient monitoring platform, N1 features an intuitive smartphone-style display and essential parameters, enabling high-quality, patient-centric care. The N1 serves as a comprehensive multi-parameter module, a powerful transport monitor and a versatile bedside monitor – all in one.
  • As the core module for the N-Series, N1 includes all your standard parameters. When combined with the many advanced parameter modules within an N-Series monitor, this solution flexes up to support your most critically-ill patients. Enabling a complete patient record, N1 helps keep your patients safe on transport while also easing the logistics of ambulating. Simply slide the N1 from the bedside monitor and you’re off; N1 instantly converts to a wireless transport monitor, maintaining continuity of data with the BeneVision DMS/EMR. When connecting to the Mindray 22″ touchscreen display, N1 has full bedside monitoring capability plus features such as multiple screen layouts and configurable quick keys, providing versatility to meet the needs of many hospital departments.